The Henley Collection
The Henley is similar to our Rimini collection but offers a wooden knuckle arm designed to provide a steadier grip when sitting or standing. Choose from light or dark wood to compliment your fabric choice. It features the best selling waterfall back for supreme comfort.
5 Steps To Customise Your New Chair
Choose your material
We have a large selection of materials to suit any interior that include fabric and leather. Our consultant will go through a number of fabric swatches with you so you can be sure you have selected the perfect choice.
Here is a selection of our most popular
Choose your size
When designing your chair it is essential that it fits you perfectly. There are several key measurements our consultants will take on your demonstration that will ensure supreme comfort.
The image below shows what we measure.
Choose your motor
Our mechanisms provide a unique range of sitting and recline positions, making sure you can find the perfect positions to enjoy relaxing in your chair. The rise movement provide you with a little extra help to stand and walk comfortably away from your chair. 
Here is our selection of mechanisms to help you choose.
Choose your accessories
It's the smallest details that can make the difference to the enjoyment of your chair, we provide a whole range of accessories to help you make the most of your new riser recliner chair. 
Here is our selection of our accessories to help you finish your design.
Arm Caps
The chair arms are one of the places that take the most wear. A pair of arm caps will help keep this area protected.
Head Cushion
Get even more comfort with a specially designed head cushion that works in perfectly with your chair
Head Cover
The top of the backrest is subjected to a heavy wear. Protect your investment with a cleanable head cover.
Reading Light
This adjustable reading light can be moved to any angle making it easy to enjoy reading at any time of day.
Relaxor Heat & Massage System
The Relaxor helps soothe tired and aching muscles with gentle vibration and warmth. A separate handset controls different vibration zones built into the chair to massage multiple areas of the body.
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The Single Motor Tilt In Space mechanism allows the leg rest to rise, slightly changing the seat angle, but always ensuring that a constant back angle of 90 ̊ is maintained as the chair moves through the recline


The Dual Motor Tilt In Space mechanism offers a much wider range of sitting and resting positions as the back of the chair can be moved independently to the leg rest whilst maintaining a back angle of 90 ̊ 


The Standard Dual allows the backrest to move independently of the leg rest enabling a wide range of positions, from sitting upright and raising the leg rest to relieve tired legs and fully reclined resting position


The key feature of the Wallhugger is the space saving movement. As the back reclines the chair slides forward which means the chair can be placed closer to walls and used in smaller rooms where space is a premium


The 3 Way drives the back recline and leg rise in one single smooth movement. Once the leg rest reaches its full horizontal position the back reclines further into a fully reclined position

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Extreme comfort and support...
Available as an option in the Henley Collection it provides the ultimate comfort at the heart of your chair, designed with individual high tensile steel coil springs in individual pockets, which give consistent support throughout the life of the chair and lasting shape to the seat cushion.
Cristallo Floral
Cristallo Floral
Cassino 1047
Cassino 1047
Cassino 1044
Cassino 1044
Velluto  201 Chiffon
Velluto 201 Chiffon
Cassino 1043
Cassino 1043
Velluto 205 Mink
Velluto 205 Mink